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Goose Lucy’s Walkabout

Lucy’s days of being an outcast are long gone. She has become one of a big happy goose family thanks to LC. 2-web and his mate along with some others began returning a few days after the trio flew out, so they too must have had a bad hatch. All geese are currently in the final stages of molting, and the two young ones are just about ready to begin flight school training. Lucy was the first to begin the molting process in early spring. Initially, I wasn’t sure what was up with her. It seemed a bit too cold to be losing her feathered blanket when none of the others were. Additionally, molting takes a toll on their immune system; so extra supplements were given and her new feathers are healthier than her old ones. She is also using both wings a bit more equally now, and I am hopeful she might be able to fly this year, or at least try?

Up until recently, she never left the property that is until one night around dusk when she was nowhere to be found. Needless to say I kind of freaked out when she came up missing. I was pretty sure she had not become a meal for the fox, nor had she gone off to die, so that meant LC must have taken her somewhere. But where was the big question? I drove to the local ponds looking for her. I found the trio’s new spot but Lucy was not anywhere. I could not figure out where she went or how far a goose could possibly walk or even if LC was with her? The geese with the goslings began to leave at night and I wondered if the snapping turtle hanging around the surface of the pond more than usual might have caused Lucy to follow them? I also wondered where they all went? Walking through the woods or sleeping there with two young ones would not be safe with our resident fox patrolling regularly. The next morning she turned up with the gosling family and I gave her some hell when she showed up at my door looking all-innocent. In short of putting a leash on her, there was not much I could do to prevent her walkabout with the goose community, which has become a large community of twenty-two since all are grounded and cannot fly.

As time goes on, I am becoming more certain that 2-web is the leader goose referenced in Let Nature Take Its Course? – he definitely seems to run the show whenever he is around. I also think he had a bad experience with a human since he was last here. He never used to shy away like he was going to be hit or kicked. 🙁 Although, it is good for him to be cautious when it comes to trusting humans. In any event, the picture above does not really serve the life size visual I get to witness every night which is something to see. Around dusk, 2-web gives a subtle signal that begins with a low “hmm” sound and then he moves his head as if to say “come on.” This head signal trickles through to a few key geese in the flock and continues until all geese fall in line to follow him as he leads the community out. I recently opted to tag along at the back of the line to solve the mystery for where they go. The geese trek through the nursery to a basin of water where they spend about 15 minutes eating fallen tree seeds. 2-web then sets the pace for all to climb a very steep hill that for them must be like a huge mountain. He then waits for each one, as they file up to the top in a single line. The two young ones have not mastered this mountain-hill yet, and all movement at the bottom stops to wait for any that may be having a problem. After all reach the top, they slowly make their way down the other side and travel through the woods to a house on the main road with a smaller man-made pond. Fortunately, this house is empty right now, and I do not have to worry about the geese being poisoned. Nevertheless, I am definitely keeping an eye on the house, and when it is purchased, I plan to visit the new residents to let them know these Frog Hollow geese are loved. This will hopefully inspire tolerance and prevent the possibility of any chemical use that could either kill or make them sick. 🙂

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  1. I am very happy to see Lucy doing her thing and I will be upset with you if you do not keep us informed

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