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Goose Lucy and LC Update

Canada Goose LCA few have asked about Lucy and LC so here is an update. In spite of our initial challenges, LC and I are getting along much better these days. I believe this change for the better has much to do with the change in my perceptions. One day LC was really pushing on my buttons when a question filtered through my thoughts. No doubt, he was a gift that showed up soon  after a prayer went up there, but I was mentally asking the spiritual realms why they had sent this in your face goose for Lucy. He is definitely a character that is a bit wilder than the others with a very strong personality. If he were a human that you met at a party then it is safe to say that you would not forget him – you would either remember liking or disliking him immensely. Not sure if this energy can really be seen in this picture, but trust me – it is there, and there were times when I was wishing I had let nature take its course and left  Lucy alone!

In any event,  funny how when you ask the right questions the right answers always seem to come. I began to think about what it was I did not like about LC. It did not take long for me to get that in some ways he kind of reminded me of myself. Very soon after recognizing some of our similarities, I began to notice a change in his behavior. He seemed to stop doing whatever it was he had been doing that pissed me off. This seemed to indicate maybe I did need a reminder, which the universe had sent on through via one very annoying goose. Could have spared myself much aggravation right up front had I remembered a very basic teaching. Recognizing the similarities in the nature of conflict does tend to lead to more understanding and acceptance. In addition, once we accept what is then there are no buttons to push. There was also another aspect to come through from a story that I believe further served to help change my perspective. This story concerned two grounded geese and a duck unable to fly. In the middle of the winter the female goose died. A rescue was organized for the grounded male goose and duck. Turned out the male goose could fly but had chosen to remain with the grounded duck. This story blew my mind and had me really wondering about LC in a completely different way. Could he also be demonstrating a similar level of selflessness and devotion? Whatever the case may be, he has given up flying in that open sky to remain here on the ground with Lucy for many months now. I can honestly say if I could fly then I am not so sure I would do the same. Therefore and in my opinion, this alone reflects a level of selfless devotion that supercedes many in the human species.

Lately, LC has been showing his softer side. He is no longer as aggressive, nor does his mouth run near as much as it used to. Ironic because I rather miss hearing his distinctive voice now. Although, I do not think there will ever be a dull moment with this one around. I just recently learned that wearing sandals is not something I should do with him – that is if I value my toes. They must look like breadcrumbs and he goes after them! Additionally, his presence has helped Lucy to become a bit more assertive. She talks much more than she used to. She even took her very first aggressive step. A couple of geese crossed over that invisible boundary line into her grazing area, and she let them know that they best keep on moving. To my surprise, both began to run away from her. However, one of the two must have realized it was Lucy and turned back on her. I think this caused her to second-guess herself and it looked much like an “ut-oh” moment as she quickly turned to run but as soon as she saw LC right there behind her she turned herself right back around to face the challenger. Thankfully, this challenger decided to leave her alone. She looked so proud of herself, and it was great to see her take that stand. Turns out the research indicating geese do not mate or have a hatch until their second or third year is true, so no goslings for Lucy this year. Right now, she is in the process of molting and looks a little bald. Definitely seems to be a bit early for her to be losing all of her feathers because the nights are still cool. Thought mid-summer was when they did this. I hope she is fine and her ragged feathers will be replaced with stronger new ones. And last but not least, 2-web and his mate do not nest at Frog Hollow. Both left for their nesting site soon after Goose Lucy’s life with LC was posted. I never believed I would ever miss a goose but I did and still do. After 2-web’s departure, LC got his wish and became top goose. However, this position was short lived because another trio return with Sir Goose arrived within a matter of days. Unlike his attempts with 2-web, LC did not even try to mess with Sir Goose.

News flash: probably should not have written about how wonderful LC was because he decided to spread his wings and hit that open sky over Memorial weekend, so he is not that selfless after all! Lucy was left alone overnight but he returned around sunrise the next morning with that other female whoever she is?

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