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Signs & Symbols

There can be no doubt that we are inundated every single day with all kinds of information that comes to us in a variety of ways via signs and symbols. Archetypes have been deeply embedded in our psyche (our soul) since the beginning of time. Before formal language, signs and symbols was the way early civilizations communicated. Just about everything in our world has a label that is associated with some sort of meaning. Almost every discipline has its own set of symbols that must be learned. The caduceus for medicine, the scales of justice for law, and the cross for religion are just a few examples. We have been conditioned throughout the eons to react in certain ways when we see any given sign or symbol. Some are a universal language easily understood that know no boundaries between race, religion or culture. Dark clouds brewing in the sky symbolizing rainstorms had the early civilizations heading for cover – just as this sign today usually has us dressing appropriately and carrying an umbrella. In addition to this universal information, there is also more subtle information that many times goes unnoticed.

The human brain has a left and right hemisphere. The left hemisphere is the linear part of our brain, and represents the male aspects of our nature. He sees the details surrounding the big picture first, and relies on logical analysis to draw conclusions by arranging and prioritizing the order for the pieces of information surrounding the whole. The right hemisphere is the non-linear part of our brain, and represents the female aspects of our nature. She sees the big picture first and relies on intuitive feeling to break down and then process the details that surround and make up the whole.

Growth is the name of the game in life – we either go through it or grow through it. Our challenge is it to see all that we go through as positive opportunities to learn and grow. If we believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience then there are signs and symbols that are like telephone calls coming from the spiritual reams, which usually provide information that serves to help us in some way. The universe constantly sends messages via signs and symbols. Learning to pay attention and recognize the information that comes to help us make better choices is key to our well being. However, we have to learn to shut off the constant clamor coming from the logical left brain in order to listen and actually hear that softer voice coming from our intuitive right brain.

“We teach best what we need to learn” are words that many have heard me say throughout the years, especially those that tend to think I am more evolved than I actually am. I just recently came through another little mind trip. All my right brain spirit practice work was simmering on the back burner. I was not exercising any discipline over my intellectualizing left-brain, which was running my life like a wild horse. I was driving home one day thinking about how to handle a challenge with a particular person that I had been wrestling with for at least a week when my eyes caught a sign in front of a church that read:

I miss you! Come visit me soon!
Love, God

I got the message and had every intention of resuming my spirit work and taking my problem to God that very night. However, my left-brain came up with a good reason to postpone this meeting. The next day I found myself still thinking about the situation with this person along with exercising the same exact mental process that was not providing me with any new explanations or answers. I was like a hamster on a spinning wheel going nowhere. That night I took my problem to God and like magic that problem that had me going around in circles cleared the following morning. I was prepared to finally confront and address the problem but this person’s attitude had suddenly changed – what I had wanted done was done and without any word from me. After the magical clearing, I told myself that I would get back to my daily practice work – HA! That logical left-brain was not finished with me just yet. There were more reasons to postpone time with the spiritual realms, which went on for another week or so before the universe delivered another sign.

The thought to do some spirit work before sleep flashed through my thoughts one night but my left brain quickly reminded me that I was tired and it would take too long and I had to be up early, so I opted to go for a quick fix. I went to my books and reached for one not read in years that used to provide me with insight. However, a little card flew out and landed on the floor by me feet. The message written on the card:

“Everything you are seeking is waiting for you in God.”

The message could not be any clearer than that, so the book went back on the shelf and I took the time to do some spirit work.

From my perspective, the spiritual world is as real as the material world in which we live. The logical mind thrives in the material world. It is threatened by the spiritual world, because the world of spirit is not based on reason alone. Synchronicity or seeming coincidences will come thick and fast once we make the decision to see clearly – to live with awareness – to live in balance with the male and female mind – the linear and non-linear worlds.

Open the mind. Pay attention. Learn to listen. There are no accidents. Everything is a sign or symbol with a story. Everything that crosses your path has meaning that is relevant to the particular circumstances surrounding your life. Play and have fun deciphering the messages the universe sends on a daily basis. Notice any themes.

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  1. Great article Karen–really loved it! So true about that darn left brain. Mike and I were just talking about this very thing last night! I told him it feels like having a “John Nash” moment from A Beautiful Mind. I can almost detect lately when that sabotage left brain rears it’s head to squelch the intuitive lead. Oh, there you are, I tell myself like John Nash learned to do, and then choose to ignore it by stopping the chatter in it’s tracks. For today anyhow–LOL:)

    Thanks for a great read.


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