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Personal Development Plan

Once again, an area of personal development came up during a conversation with a client friend, which is an extension of mind your thoughts that I feel is important to address. There is much emphasis on self help techniques such as goal setting and the power of affirmations that has been a growing trend for a couple of decades now. From my perspective, personal development is an ongoing process of evolution – a life long journey of becoming more conscious that requires us to continuously define and redefine our priorities as we become clearer. The ultimate goal of all personal development is to help us make appropriate changes so we may become the person we were born to be. However, it seems way too many of us are placing too much attention on the material world. We set goals and use affirmations to achieve status – obtain wealth – buy toys – have the perfect weight etc. No doubt, this is part of personal development but how many U-hauls have you ever seen at a cemetery and how many corpses are at that perfect weight?

Whether we are conscious of this fact or not, we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, which means we have a personal relationship with God (by whatever name) that we must nurture. Many of us don’t focus on this part of our being until some catastrophic circumstance strikes and renders us helpless to control or manipulate the circumstances. I know in my own life that my personal development didn’t really begin to become more authentic until I consciously chose to undergo the process of overcoming fear via white water in class five plus rivers with life or death risks. Even after these experiences, it still took many years for me to see aspects previously hidden because of my unwillingness to surrender my control completely. I continued to try to manipulate my life circumstances via goal setting and affirmations rather than accept what was in the present moment. Both can serve to create changes for the better, but in my opinion, these are only a couple of pieces for “the mystery” (God’s) puzzle. Clearly these techniques do not work completely for the majorities, because if they did then everyone in this world that used goal setting and affirmations would be successful, wealthy, healthy and happy. Additionally, many promoting the various success formulas seem to suggest that if you do not achieve what you want then something is wrong with your strategy and/or thought process that needs more work.

After much thought and prayer along with many discussions with various folks I began to see a common thread. When the techniques fail, many tend to think they are doing something wrong, or they question their worthiness etc. Some would try harder to create what they wanted while others would give up. What became apparent as I worked with the various techniques was sometimes they worked and many times they did not. This seemed to indicate more flexibility might be needed. It took several years of banging my head against a wall and constantly refining my goals and affirmations before I finally switched things up. I began to use prayer and focus more on setting intentions. I now ask for guidance about the changes I want because there is no way that I can possibly know – or maybe i should say, remember my destiny. Nor do I know what is for my greatest and highest good in a spiritual sense. Maybe my destiny is not about obtaining worldly success? Maybe I was creating the opposite of what I wanted because I was not setting the proper goals or affirming the right things? Maybe I am here to learn how to realize, understand, appreciate, and be happy in the present moment without striving for that future? My list of questions goes on but one thing I have learned is we must prioritize and get our values straight. Otherwise, we might not achieve what we want if what we want is not in alignment with our spiritual destiny.

Bottom line for me – this planet is a very great school providing everyone with an opportunity to learn that our personal spiritual development is of primary importance. Which for many of us may have very little to do with creating worldly material success as this ultimately has been serving to destroy life. The conclusion I have come to after many years of applying the various self help tools and techniques is there is one extremely powerful personal development plan that we can use for everything. All we have to do is ask the spiritual realms (God) for help and then strive to give up the need to control the circumstance surrounding our lives. We ask for help and then continuously work to turn it ALL over to this realm – our desires – wants – anger – frustration – fears – doubts – procrastination – self-sabotage etc. We keep on surrendering it all. We keep on asking to see and to learn whatever it is that we may need to know. We ask and give thanks for the guidance to help us to fulfill our destiny – whatever this may be. “The squeaky wheel always gets the grease” and if we want to undergo an authentic personal development process that may or may not have anything at all do with the material world then this will be achieved. But only with the help of our truest and greatest ally, which is the Source resting within at the very core of our being-ness. This Creator Source knows better than we what is needed for our personal development, growth and healing. 🙂

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  1. Thanks Karen. I am definitely feeling the pull to let go and start something new. Something way bigger than me and very out of my comfort zone. A brand new path minus all of the baggage.

  2. Right on Karen, what a great and insightful article. I really loved it!!

  3. It reminds me of myeslf knowing that the answer is within and always looking in other places for the cure all magic pill.

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