Personal Development and Spirituality Topics

with Karen Scheel

Mind Your Thoughts

We all have a constant internal dialogue that controls our every reaction and response. What we think and the words we speak have a specific effect on us. Most every physical and psychological problem stems from our addictive thought patterns. We as children are taught a set of rules, and opinions that we accept without question. These rules and opinions form our individual thought patterns – our belief system. Our beliefs about the world and ourselves are judgments. These judgments are decisions that we have made about what is true – what is false – what is right – what is wrong.

It would seem that our individual beliefs has created a world filled with boundaries and limitations. Most of us tend to stay within our conditioned comfort zones even when they are self defeating. We fear trusting what is not known. Since birth, we have been conditioned to believe that our thoughts and feelings are who we are. And right or wrong, we tend to defend against anything that challenges what we believe because it makes us feel unsafe and/or insecure. As our world reflects, too many of us respond to much of life with a conditioned response. Very few of us make conscious choices to detach from the previous ways in which our minds have been trained to judge what we see, hear, and feel. This prevents us from living fully in the moment, and experiencing what really is in the present. Most of us do not recognize the powerful judgments that we are constantly putting into motion; no matter how different people or circumstances in the present may be, we tend to overlook guided by our memories – our judgments. It is always very easy for us to find what is wrong in any given situation. However, the real challenge is locating what is right. No matter how wrong something may appear, there is always something right too, which many times is the gift waiting to be discovered that will serve us.

Our greatest susceptibility as human beings does not trust what comes from within. But what comes from within is all that we can trust. Many of us spend most of our lives searching for something outside ourselves to tell us what is right or what is wrong or to give us direction. We do not recognize the powerful spiritual guidance resting within that we can rely on. The mind is the link between the physical and spiritual realms. Our thoughts and words are much like prayers that we send out into the universe. They attract things that are similar in nature. Before we can experience anything in the physical realm, we must first give thought to it. We get what we think about and we get it all the time – whether positive or negative – right or wrong. Our spiritual guidance speaks to us through our emotions-feelings. There are only two emotions – one feels good and the other feels bad. Our emotions serve to let us know the appropriateness of what we are thinking, speaking, or doing in any given moment. When we think a thought, say, or do something that is not in alignment with our essence, this inner spiritual guidance through our emotions provides a negative feeling. Similarly, we experience positive feelings when we are thinking, speaking, and acting in alignment with our essence.

Most of us are not able to focus our thoughts on what we truly want because we have not been intentionally concentrating on our mind. Our mind dances all over the place because we lack discipline. We tend to not pay enough attention to what is really going on up there in our head. Changing our mind is crucial for changing our world and requires each person to take complete responsibility for what they allow themselves to think along with the words they speak – no one or no thing outside the self can ever be responsible for our choices here. Our lives can only change when we begin to mind our thoughts – our prayers. In order for us to have more of what we want and less of what we do not want, we must develop more awareness and acknowledge our negative thinking patterns so that we may move through them. We acknowledge them, and then continuously work to surrender them to the spiritual realms (God) for healing whenever they resurface. Releasing those thoughts that are not serving our greatest and highest good enables us to begin thinking and acting in new ways. What is not real is the only thing that can ever leave our lives. What remains represents that which we truly are. Minding your thoughts to establish consistency in thought, word, and action is key to creating destiny. Therefore, if we do not have what we want then we are still on the journey of discovering the process by which our thoughts are creating our reality. “As you think so shall it be.”

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