Personal Development and Spirituality Topics

with Karen Scheel

Stretch The Mind-Body Flex The Soul

Stretch The Mind-Body Flex The Soul eBook cover
“This eBook serves as a light to help you find your way…”

Stretch The Mind-Body Flex The Soul is a practical guide integrating a variety of universal healing systems self help tools that have withstood the tests of time.

Through a step-by-step process in the privacy of your own home, you will learn how to relax the mind-body, reduce stress, decipher your body’s psychological and emotional language to improve your health, enhance your personal development and spiritual life.

Due to the nature of this work, ongoing support via email or telephone is provided.

Topics Include:

  • Basic Concepts of Chi Energy.
  • The Mind Within The Body.
  • Chakra System Overview.
  • Yoga – Chakra Meridian Therapy.
  • Toning – Sound Therapy.
  • The Science of Breathing.
  • Mantra Meditation Practice.
  • Mind Your Thoughts.
  • Daily Mindfulness Exercises.

Some Words From A Few:

  • “This is everything in a nutshell!“ ~ Jenny R.
  • “Wow! Hard but powerful! I finally understand what spiritual work is and for the first time in months I had good night’s sleep and I feel super today…” ~ Carol C.
  • “…I drive about 25 miles to work everyday and I use this time to work with the mantra meditations and mindfulness exercises. However, the other day a hawk nearly crashed into my windshield and I wanted to know what that means?” ~ Jim N.
  • “…I have taken a lot of classes over the years and your method makes it so much simpler. You were right about the mind. It is a challenge to stay focused but those mantra meditations really help me to bring my mind back to my breathing for at least a few seconds longer than before!…” ~ Cathy O.
  • “Sending a quick email to let you know I finally stopped procrastinating and I am trying to do more of your program. I still don’t get as much time as I would like but I try to get in at least fifteen minutes. The only problem is I get very tired when I try to do it just before bed…” ~ John S.
  • “…I have been on a spiritual journey for about 6 years, and I am always on the look out for new things. I came to Frog Hollow to work with you, simply because I was looking for something that would give me further access to something deeper than I already experience. Incorporating the chakra meridian stretches and the sounds into my existing practice have done this and I wanted to thank you for sharing them with me…” ~ Sue M.
  • “…I’m definitely making progress but it is very slow. It’s hard especially when I go to the gym during the day then do yoga either in the morning or evenings. I do have to tell you though last Saturday morning I woke up with a horrible headache and decided to go right into yoga. After a full hour of yoga and tones my headache was completely gone. Not even sure at which point it left but once it was over I realized I felt completely better! It was an amazing feeling for me…” ~ Frank C

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