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Goose Lucy News

Some are asking again so here is a little news for one celebrity – Goose Lucy. Her wings are strong and fully functional. However, she has been staying close to home since her six-day trek away after the gosling’s flight day. To date, no one has actually seen her take off for the sky but she is disappearing and reappearing like magic. My neighbor reported an empty pond one morning along with seeing a solo goose fly in low and then Lucy was in the pond. Shortly after this report, I too witnessed a solo goose flying in low one afternoon and then Lucy appeared in the pond with the others. My mind questioned what I saw – maybe Lucy had been there all along – maybe she had been behind a bush and I missed seeing her? On another occasion, LC took off out of here around dusk. Lucy sat in the pond facing his departure direction. We both listened as his honk faded in the distance. No sooner had LC’s voice faded when it began to echo louder. He was returning. Lucy became excited and honked as he approached. LC circled the pond. I thought for sure Lucy would join him in the sky. Nope, she remained behind as his sound faded in the distance again. He returned and departed several times. It seemed as if he was trying to talk her into flying with him, but she did not seem inclined to want to go anywhere. LC finally gave up, and landed in the pond to spend the night here with her.

Based on what has been witnessed, she is much more mobile than she once was, and is taking very short low to the ground flights. Therefore, I am inclined to believe her pectoral muscles might need a little extra time before a high flight is possible. No matter what the case may be, I am very thankful that she allowed me to help her make it through the winter, because she would not be here today had she not had human help. Additionally, caring for her has also helped me immensely. My sentiments before my initial lessons from geese has changed drastically. I used to be and still am a bit like a bear when my sleep is disturbed in the early morning. I remember ripping the screen out of my window soon after moving here to yell “shut up” at the geese on a daily basis. It makes me smile when I think back to those days. I can still see that image like it was yesterday. You could hear a pin drop as they all became very silent and then slowly turned their little heads to look at what they must have thought was a crazy person screaming at them. Although, that silence lasted just until I got myself back into my bed and then their noise seemed to become even more amplified, which always got my blood boiling and had me lying there thinking of ways to kill em all! But now, there is no alarm clock better than the sound of their distant call coming closer and then hearing them splash down in the pond first thing in the morning. It is ironic how LC drove me crazy with his big mouth, because he ended up teaching me how to distinguish his voice from the others. I can now hear him in the sky and know when he is flying in, which indicates there was a method for all that madness.

Living with Canada Geese has really taught me much more about surrender, acceptance, community, interdependence, trust and loyalty. My face and eyes have been within inches of many beaks, and so far, not one goose has hurt me. However, I have witnessed a couple of my geese returning with a new fear of humans. This is very sad to see, and takes some work to undo. I miss the trust of one in particular that befriended me. But I am not inclined to undo his mistrust completely, because his safety depends on keeping his distance from humans that will hurt him. 🙁 On another note, I have picked up a doe that has been watching me interact with the geese for a few months. She did not run off with the others when I approached the herd, and has let me come within 6-10 feet of her. So stay tuned for her story. That is, if/when she lets me get close enough to actually touch her.

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