Personal Development and Spirituality Topics

with Karen Scheel

Is Healing From God or Satan?

My work in the spiritual healing realms presents a double edge sword sometimes. It  requires getting up close and personal with folks, which can open another door for additional work that is challenging to say the least. I have just recently come through some of this challenging work with one Catholic Christian, and am writing this article for others that might come up against some of the same concerns.

For what this is worth, I was baptized as a Catholic Christian soon after birth, and attended a few years of Catholic grammar school. I loved the teachings of Jesus, but had mixed feelings when it came to God the Almighty Father, primarily because the nuns had me convinced that I was doomed to burn in hell before I even entered the fifth grade. In all fairness, I was not the normal good little Catholic girl – my rebel spirit absolutely detested being confined to school for 7 to 8 hours each day. Shortly after getting myself expelled, I severed my Catholic Christian ties, and ran away from the educational system and my home to explore life, which ultimately had me walking on a path to God. It took a few decades of circling around before I was even willing to take another look at my roots. My journey away from the traditional way of life served in helping me to grow and change my perspective. I learned that fear based religions are not of God. I also learned not to waste any of my precious time on this earth battling over what religion or faith is allegedly the right one.

In my opinion, finding and establishing a working relationship with God is a journey that is uniquely individual – what works for some cannot possibly work for everyone. I believe ALL was created and exists for a reason that has nothing to do with fighting and killing each other over who has the right God and/or religion. Even within the Christian faith, there are thousands of sects – some subscribe to reincarnation and others do not etc. Therefore, no human being can possibly know God’s plan or why s/he created it all, as that is “the mystery.” Not to mention – Jesus was said to be a Jew long before man turned him into something to use to build the Catholic Christian dynasty. His one primary message was to let all know there was only One God, and we were to follow this One God’s lead in all our actions. This message along with the Ten Commandments seems to be a common thread in most every faith, which the majorities of Christians and non-Christians are still violating to this day. Furthermore, even the Christian bible reflects many names for this One God, and this One God’s healing ways do vary from one culture to the next.

Unfortunately and unlike many other One God oriented faiths, most Catholic Christian conscious and subconscious minds are conditioned to live in fear and be suspicious of just about everything, which was a man-made tool employed to maintain power and control over the sheepeople. Fear keeps us in bondage with the dark side of our nature – it manipulates us through doubt, and can prevent us from learning and growing, which is something God commands us to do. Learning to mind your thoughts sharpens a powerful tool that God can use as a light to establish unity – just as the dark side can use it against us to keep us away from this light so that we remain divided. United is the only way ALL God’s people can stand – divided we fall for man’s ways rather than God’s ways.

Being a healthy skeptic is a good thing. “You will know them by their fruit” is something to keep in mind when it comes to anything remotely related to spirituality or spiritual healing. Folks do not need to spend inordinate amounts of time raking themselves or healing practitioners over the coals with their doubts, worries or questions about whether or not a practitioner’s healing ways are from God or Satan. All you have to do is pray, and if you are still feeling guided to a particular practitioner then surrender and trust completely in God to lead the way.

In order to have an authentic relationship with God, we must be willing to break free from our conditioned bondage and journey into unfamiliar territories to confront our resistance to change – what we have been taught to believe etc. What is real and what is not is something that you will know pretty much right out of the gate – if the fruit is good then you will link in deeper with God, period. There is only one choice we have to make – live with trust or continue to live with fear. Trusting in God to lead us through the darkness within brings us into the light on the other side where fear cannot maintain its forceful ruling grip over our lives. If we can open our minds then God will show us that there is no place, no thing, and no circumstance on this earth that can possibly exist without God right there in the middle of it. Aho! May this be so!