Personal Development and Spirituality Topics

with Karen Scheel

Lucy Is Flying

Upon my arrival home late one afternoon, I caught the last cluster of geese in the process of getting ready to head for the eastern sky. Lucy was hanging back at a distance when all took flight. I began talking to her, and she was walking towards me when I heard the flock circling round to head west. Lucy heard them too, and like many times before, she called out. I instantly shut my mouth and stood like a statue to make her think I was not there. She changed her course and began walking back towards the pond. As the flock entered the north-west sky, Lucy began honking, and within the next few minutes, she went running south-west with her wings flapping. I cannot relay the feeling experienced when I saw her lift off the ground and make her way up into the sky to join the flock. My little baby has healed – she is doing what many did not think she would ever do – she is flying and I finally saw her do this.

It was mentioned towards the end of Let Nature Take Its Course? that “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” was the full name given to this first year gosling-goose. However, what I did not relay was that this line from the Beatles song is what I sang to her last winter to remind her that she had a purpose on this earth, but in order to fulfill it, she had to regain her strength and live. She is now one-step closer. So maybe she will have a hatch this spring, and maybe she will be flying up there in that sky with her diamonds…