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Goslings Flight Day

Flight school training was very quiet this year. I missed the noise and ruckus of previous years but there were only two-feathered students needing to learn, and it was hit or miss when it came to seeing their practice runs. LC flew out a couple of days before the two young gosling’s first flight. When the day finally arrived all but Lucy lifted off the ground and headed for the sky. She did not try to fly even though she can fully extend and flap both wings equally now. She spent the night alone and waited for all to return the following morning.

Around dusk on day two, I sat outside and watched as all including Lucy went through their preparation process. Something was up because Lucy had not bothered to prepare the day before. The geese spend a few minutes bathing in the pond and then about 20 minutes preening their feathers. After some finished their preparation for flight, they lay on the ground to wait for the others. 2-web’s mate (Pretender) was one of those, but she saw me sitting quietly and decided to come and wait with me. After the signal was given all including Lucy began to move towards the invisible ramp. Feelings of excitement stirred within as I watched her walk slowly with the others – maybe she would fly on this day? Pretender seemed to be hanging back with me. I thought she might be one of those that bring up the rear so I too began to make my way to the invisible ramp. Pretender followed and then disappeared into the flock. The first group of four hit the sky while the others hung back for a bit. Pretender’s group, which included Lucy went next. I was mentally jumping up and down and cheering Lucy on as I watched her running with them, but she was not flapping her wings so lifting off the ground was not possible. Her attempt was a very great sign though and I thought she maybe needed some more time to connect the dots.

While walking back towards the pond with Lucy, I noticed a goose running through the sprinklers in the nursery – it was Pretender. She either did something wrong or had opted to remain behind with Lucy for the night. Soon after coming into my house, some unusual sounds went off right outside my window, which had me looking to see what was up. The only thing missing was a blanket of white snow for the National Geographic moment taking place. Turns out, I was mistaken and only one of the two foxes referenced in Let Nature Take Its Course? was a kit belonging to my fox. Additionally, it would seem the only thing that happened to the vixen when she disappeared during the winter was she had gone into the den to give birth because Reds The Fox, his mate and their two adolescent kits were all here for me to see. The two kits were standing on their hind legs boxing each other and making some real strange sounds. They have about another month or so before they branch out on their own, and this show was worth watching for sure!

The next morning Pretender and Lucy had disappeared. I checked the other pond where I found all after Lucy’s Walkabout but not one goose was there. The following day it rained and I did not see Lucy, nor did she respond when called. On day three, I took a beak inventory and all but Lucy and LC were here. I wondered where she had gone – had she flown away. That night none of the geese flew out and all walked to the other pond to spend the night. However, Pretender returned and spent the night here alone. During the night, I awakened in the wee hours of the morning with a dream about Pretender. In the dream she was resting on the ground beside a very large branch that had fallen from the big black walnut tree resting inches from my house, and she mentally relayed  that the trees and geese were dying. Needless to say, going back to sleep after this dream was not happening. Was Pretender telling me she was dying or Lucy was dead? I found myself lying awake thinking and then employing some methods from Utilize Your Dreams to try to decipher the message in some other way .

Approximately two days later, part of the dream came true – some storms moved through that brought down enough trees in various areas to make the local news. This really had me  stressing over Lucy who was still gone. Outside of one pond, the other local ponds were a  long walk that none of the Frog Hollow geese seem to frequent. Had Lucy survived the storms or had she finally become a meal for the fox now numbering four? Pretender seemed to be taking Lucy’s place and remained after the others left for four nights in a row. On the fifth night, Pretender left and another goose filled the vacancy for two nights in a row. Lucy had been gone for six days and nights now. If she had not flown away then things were not looking good for one little goose walking around with trees crashing down or four foxes patrolling the grounds. However, it seemed unlikely that the belly of the fox would be her fate, especially given all the months she had survived them along with her recent attempt to fly, but I could not be certain. Lucy’s disappearance following the great fox reveal the night before was definitely playing with my mind.

On day seven, I thought I heard LC’s big mouth when the geese arrived but by the time I got around to checking he was gone. However, “ask and you shall receive” – Lucy was here! I did not see her fly in with the others but she showed up around the same time. This indicated that she either set out on foot from somewhere long before all took flight or she can in fact fly. Whatever, I was very happy to see her alive! Since her return, I have been doing my best to keep a close eye on her, and so far, she does she seem at all interested in venturing too far away from home. Additionally, she now honks when called, which is another first that she must have picked up from where ever she went for those six days.

Three days after Lucy’s return, LC flew in for a brief visit. As soon as I heard him, I began to call Lucy and both came to my door. When geese molt their markings can change and the white dot on his neck (pictured in Lucy and LC update) is gone. He now has a white dot on his forehead, but other than this, his very great character is still in tact. I wondered if Lucy would fly out with him and watched both like a hawk but he left without her. Whether or not she can fly still remains a mystery. Could be, she will not fly until she has a hatch of her own – that is if she survives for another year or two. Although, if she does not fly and continues her long walkabouts then there just might be another goose mystery to solve, which will have me trying to locate the new place she is walking off to…

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