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Changing Our World

“If we turn our attention to all the crisis in the world, all of the difficulties, all of the sufferings and so on, we will see that many of these problems are direct or indirect consequences of undisciplined negative states of the mind.  And where do these come from? This powerful combination of self-centeredness and the belief in our independent existence. By shifting our attention to the wider world in this way, we can begin to appreciate the immensely destructive consequences of such thinking.” ~ Dalai Lama

A peaceful world living in community begins with honoring and respecting individual diversity, as there can be no one truth for all – there can only be perspective for each. Our world is a mirror reflecting each individual life 24/7. The external cues throughout the ages show an obvious clash between our expectations versus what is actually real. Contrary to our beliefs the differences in people are not the problem. Trying to manipulate or control this diversity are intrinsic qualities for the nature of conflict that prevent recognizing, understanding, and accepting the underlying similarities. Rather than continuing to live from a mechanical mindset that creates and maintains sides to battle the differences, we need to apply a more authentic approach that embraces and learns from the differences in people – politics, religion, ethnicity, traditions etc.

There would be no great strides in humanity if all shared the same perspective. Evolution and growth requires the ability to interact with one another. Everything in this world serves a greater power and is a catalyst for change. Differences provide an opportunity to push up against and polish the rough edges of our human beingness. Ignoring, or refusing to acknowledge or validate the differences does not bring people closer together. Living and being in right relationship can only occur when change ourselves – our thinking – our approach. Perhaps we do need to begin approaching all difficulties with a willingness to locate, identify and attack the underlying problem – not the people, individuals or country. To solve a problem each person must acknowledge his or her contribution to the problem and/or conflict. Acknowledging the various points of view without blame or attack requires a high level of responsibility. We must learn to keep our feelings and emotions in check. No one can ever be responsible for how we feel, respond, or react in any given situation. Each person is always completely responsible for managing and controlling his or her own mental and emotional states.

Living in right relationship is choosing to live authentically which does not come easy. It is a risk we take. We make a crucial choice to step out of the mechanistic worldview box to discover an ultimate truth. Faith and constant courage replace the need to receive any external validation. In order for our perceptions to change, we must first learn how to think differently. We must totally accept our knowledge is quite limited and we are essentially powerless in a spiritual world in which we all live. Understanding and accepting the various perspectives requires a level of emotional detachment along with a diligent commitment to surrender any need for approval or acceptance. Through deep introspection and self-examination, we begin to recognize we have been living an artificial life designed to create a false sense of self, and at the expense of our authentic self. As our deepest essence begins to emerge we begin to confront aspects of ourselves – such as misguided beliefs we may not want to acknowledge. Changes here can be difficult as the conditioned norm is usually challenged. Through inner listening work and acting in accord with our innate heart wisdom our inner landscape begins to evolve – the strength of the material worldview rapidly dissolves. We begin to free ourselves from the prison and learn to think on our own. We recognize we are not separate or distinct from any thing – All Life everywhere in this world is interconnected and worthy of respect.

If history is any indication then we as human beings have obviously not been creating peace. Therefore, maybe it is time to surrender to the greater power governing our world, and trust there is a remedy for the mess we have created? To change our world we need to get that there is always an opportunity to discover ways to turn opposition into a win-win situation. It is only through cooperation and well-developed reasoning that we are able to focus our attention on finding solutions to resolve difficult or controversial issues together. However, this may not be fully realized until we as individuals begin the process of relinquishing all sides within our way of thinking. The challenge for each person has more to do with the seeming inability to suspend judgment, and let go of all preconceived thoughts and beliefs about what is or what should be. Ending the destructive wars and resolving the conflict going on throughout the world begins by ending this on a personal level first. It is a process of learning how to shift our perceptions to better understand, accept, and respect diversity – the differences existing within our own little worlds. Too many of us focus on changing the world’s dysfunction without recognizing the need to work on cleaning this up within all our personal relationships first – our immediate family, circle of friends/foes, and acquaintances. The worldwide view cannot possibly reflect anything other than the actual reality of what is going on at individual level. Each person is a part of our community – each community is a part of our society, and each society creates our world.

Changing Destiny

Change your thoughts
To change your beliefs
To change your expectations
To change your attitudes
To change your perceptions
To change your behavior
To change your actions
To change your life
To change our world’s destiny.

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