Personal Development and Spirituality Topics

with Karen Scheel

The Call To Heal

The way we are taking charge of our lives and our health is rapidly changing. Many are hearing the call to heal and are searching for knowledge and wisdom in a way that traditional symbols have not provided. The boundaries between the physical and spiritual realms have been shifting and we are able to access deeper levels of spiritual awareness, knowing and healing. We are entering a new era –  a new synthesis. We have reached the bridge that connects left brain (thinking) with right brain (feeling) – male with female in balance. More of us are beginning to use our left brain to put things in the right perspective and intellectually understand the interconnectedness of our body, mind, spirit, and emotions. We are in the process of discovering what many ancient cultures have recognized for quite some time; our physical body is a part of nature and we are constantly under its influence. Every thing within our existence is based on opposites: light versus dark, hot versus cold, happiness versus sadness etc.

The universe is alive and filled with energy – spiritual power. Our spirit is an invisible unit of this power and is able to exist without a physical body, which is only a means of expression for life. The mind is the link between the physical and spiritual realms. Planet Earth is a stage for spiritual beings to manifest in physical form. Spiritual beings become human beings, and are actors continuing the evolution process. Life is an integral, interdependent process we are all a part of. There are no sides on a round planet. Ignorance is remaining blind and living in separation consciousness, which causes most all dis-ease. Healing is not static; it is always changing, growing, and evolving. It is a process of learning how to reach spirituality through seeking and living in the highest truth, which does not come from our ego personality. As human beings, we constantly strive to walk the path of healing ourselves so we may wake up to the illusion of opposites as separate and embrace “All” as one.

The journey requires a commitment to understanding and being in right relationship with spiritual power. It involves the integration and transmutation of body, mind, and emotions. Courage and honesty are important assets for one’s personal development plan. It is only through a conscious internal dialogue with ourselves that we are able to create an opening to connect with spiritual power. Self-awareness and a disciplined life style are keys that open doors to the higher realms of healing power, wisdom, and love.


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