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Protecting America From America

“An eye for an eye only leaves the whole world blind.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

(Some thoughts about September 11th written on September 15, 2001)

The recent events in New York City and Washington DC have brought up many feelings within all people throughout the world but most especially for those of us living in America. There are very many of us that would like to believe that we are victims to some great evil existing outside America that needs to be eliminated at all costs. Many of us are stating how great America and Americans are, along with references to our being “The gentle giant – peace loving” etc. And yet, with the very next breath we state, “We must do something – let’s get em.”  Perhaps that something we Americans must do is to be very honest in answering the following question. Who and what are we really at war with – could it be ourselves?

None of us condones what took place in NYC and DC and while some are placing blame, there are others that are able to see the possible reasons existing within America that may have brought this attack about. Perhaps in order for us to have a greater level of understanding we might want to assume that everything happens for a reason. No-thing is ever separate, every thing on every level is connected and what we condemn in another is exactly what we are condemning within ourselves whether this is be an individual or another country.

Perhaps it is time for Americans to get real and acknowledge the contradictions that our lives are based upon – our words versus our actions. We are currently condemning the Middle East for their ‘evil’ ways. However, we fail to remember the evil terrorism of our own ancestors. We Americans walk so proudly and freely on this land that we call ours. Somehow, we have all forgotten that this country does not belong to any of us. If the truth be told then we must all acknowledge that this country in fact belongs to the first Americans (our prisoners) now sitting on the reservation trash lands that our ancestors allowed them to have. Additionally, too many of us close our eyes to the fact that America was obtained by military force. Entire nations of innocent Native American men, women, and children were massacred in a most horrific way. Their only crime was having land that our American ancestors wanted to possess. We also seem to have forgotten that our terrorism did not end here, as our American ancestors paid others to enter Africa to strip a country of their people so that America could use them as slaves.

No doubt, this is history and many of us will claim that we cannot be responsible for our ancestors, but what about now? Why are we still oppressing, imprisoning and killing the Native American people, and why are the treaties still be broken to this day? America takes great pride in its ability to accept all cultures and all faiths, so why throughout the years have we terrorized and murdered others because of the color of their skin and/or religious beliefs, and why are we now murdering American Muslims?

We condemn the Middle East’s animosity towards America and state that something must be done to prevent future attacks. However, before we entered their land did we take the time to learn about their culture; their philosophies, their ways – or did we like our ancestors just force our way? If force was employed then we might want to ask ourselves how we might react if a stranger walked through the front door of our American home and tried to take control. We state something must be done to prevent these Muslim attitudes from being passed on to future generations. But we somehow fail to hear the attitudes coming from our own children when they make statements such as, “We need to get all them kinds outa our country” and like too many adults they want to “Just wipe out all them countries over there.”

Currently, we are being encouraged to return to our normal way of life – return to the “American Dream.” However, our normal way of life seems to have more to do with financial profit than anything else. We spend billions of dollars each year acquiring toys that mean absolutely nada in the grand scheme of things, as the individuals that just died took nothing with them. We kill one another either through our words or through our actions. We lie, steal, and cheat on one level or another and then we make statements such as, “It’s not personal, this is business.” But how can our personal life truly be any different than our business life? Can we not see that we are either coming from a place of integrity or we are not? Can we also not see that it is our business life, which is the face representing the lack of integrity that we are presenting to the world?

It would seem that living this American Dream is even worth sacrificing our own children – our future. Most of us spend our days working at jobs that are not fulfilling. Many of us give birth and due to our business obligations, our children are shipped off to others for their care. Besides education, many of our teachers are forced to assume the role of parenting. Not to mention, too many of our children come home to empty houses. Are we not able to see that it is the absence of the primary caretakers that leave our children left to their own devices, which opens the door to unhealthy influences? Our prisons are filled with American children of all ages. Can we not see what we have been teaching our children through our actions? Our elders reflect yet another story. When they become a burden, many are thrown into nursing homes where they are left to wait for death – why? Are we so blind that we are not able to see that based on our standards for living in this business world most of us have no time for one another, nor do we even recognize our interdependence until something like NYC and DC strike?

If we are not able to see how we have been interacting with our fellow human beings then let us take a look at how we have been interacting with our Planet – Mother Earth. She too is a living being and without her, there would be NO life. We have shown the world that we are the largest and major contributing factor for most all of the destruction and pollution currently on the planet. We  have raped and used most of the Earth’s resources for our own selfish gains while other people in the world suffer. We wanted medicine plants from the Rain Forest and began depleting an area of the earth that was essential to the entire world’s well being without one conscious thought for how this destruction would affect the whole. We have less oxygen in our air, our soil has fewer nutrients, and there are water shortages throughout our world.

In our consumerism, we strip our forests to put up buildings and pave our roads without one conscious thought for how the death of the plant kingdom affects the homes and lives of our animal kingdom. When herds of starving deer begin showing up looking for food we set dates to shoot and kill them. We justify our actions by claiming there is an over population. Could it be these very same justifications used in the past is why many animals are on the endangered species list today? Due to so much waste from our consumption, we used our oceans as trash dumps – until our dolphin friends began washing up dead on our shores in numbers that astounded us. In the name of science, we torture animals for our medicine, cosmetics and cleaning agents etc. We seem to give very little thought to the fact that they suffer excruciating pain, and many for no valid reason. Even our food chain has become unsafe, which in part may be due to the inhumane conditions these animals endure. Not to mention, much of this meat is just wasted while people in this Great America and other countries starve?

What makes any of us believe that any human being was given the right to play God? What makes any of us living in this “baby country” believe that we have the right to rule the world and that all other life is inconsequential? It would seem that we have been so intent on conquering the world without recognizing that we are destroying life itself in the process.

If we look to the dictionary for the word terror, we will discover that it means

1. a: state of intense fear. 2 a: one that inspires fear.

If we are not able to see this being reflected through our fellow human beings throughout the world then our animal kingdom is a very great example, because they certainly do fear us and with good reason. Too many of us have lost our innate capacity to listen and read the signs as we are being led astray. Our Mother Earth has been trying to speak to us. She has been trying to show us just what are actions are reaping. However, most of us are so disconnected from our very Source of Life that we are not able to recognize let alone interpret the messages she has been sending. Coincidence or not – how many of us even noticed the increased news reports concerning the shark attacks/deaths along the East coast just one week prior to the alleged attack from another country?

We can not deny the facts, as our history clearly reflects that what we have been doing has not been working – it just keeps on coming back in our face but on much larger scales, because we obviously are not learning the lessons. There is no doubt that many of us want justice and many are seeking revenge but two wrongs will never make something right. The American way is not the one and only way of life. Are we so blind that we are not able to see that all wars ever fought have allegedly housed some great evil that needed to be defeated? Even the elusive “Crazy Horse” was said to be evil when his only evil was to try to protect his people from the terrorizing military force of our ancestors. What is ironic is we Great Americans are still using our ancestor’s words to justify our evil ways.

Furthermore, why is America allowed to call on God to bless our wars, but when another country does the same they are said to be religious fanatics? Additionally, why is America allowed to bomb other countries without any notice, but when another country does the same it becomes an act of terrorism? Can we not see that we are guilty of the very same acts we are condemning? America supported and stood behind the Holy War with Russia. However, when this same Holy War turns to face America it becomes an act of terrorism, which seems much like another one of those contradictions for most any reasoning logical mind.

In my humble opinion and contrary to popular religious beliefs, no one has the inside scoop when it comes to God. Every culture throughout the world only has pieces of this God puzzle, so there is no one that can say with certainty that what transpired in America on this day was not in fact a wake-up call from this higher intelligence that supersedes our limited little human minds. Statistic reports reflected that most every American called out to God on September 11, 2001. Even the high-church attendance made the news, as did interviews with many that spoke openly about praying. There is no doubt that the ways of God will always remain with “The Mystery,” and it could be that sending America a well deserved reality check was an act of God, which is not something any of us can know. One thing is certain; God of all knows that an American life is no more valuable than any other life living in any other country. Therefore, maybe it is time for all Americans to begin making more intelligent choices for ALL life living in this world, and not just our own?

The bottom line is when everything is taken into consideration it becomes very easy for some of us to see just how America’s selfishness is responsible for greatly provoking an attack to blow up the very things that we have used to dominate and terrorize the world, which is our money and military strength. Perhaps we do need to become more aware of the pain and destruction that our business operations have created throughout the world. Perhaps we have been very exclusive and self-serving to the point of a total disregard for the welfare of other living beings in this world.

The answer for our dilemma is no easy task, but we desperately need to find another way to address this battle of the ages before we destroy ourselves. We need to take our blinders off and get that killing other men, women and children is an act of terrorism that only serves to perpetuate more of the same. We need to open our eyes and see that too many people in this world are sick with fear, hate, and revenge. If we want to change this world then we must change ourselves first. Although, maybe it is easier to live with the illusion that the evil exists some place else?

America has proven that she has the power to set the standards for the world. Therefore, it is possible for us to initiate world healing if we truly wanted to do it. Could it be that we have not been willing to do this because this approach would have very little to do with external power and control, or financial profit?

Freedom means that we as individuals dictate what our government will be and what they will do on our behalf – not the other way around. We seem to take great pride in our superior intelligence, so just how did this intelligence miss the fact that there are many nonviolent strategies that could be employed that would meet the fundamental needs of all people? Mahatma Gandhi was one of the world’s greatest leaders; therefore, it would seem that all the minds we have working for us in America are in fact inferior to this one man’s superior intelligence. Perhaps the time has come for our leaders to change their terrorizing ways and begin to initiate a similar approach rather than employing fear based tactics to get us all revved up for a war?

We definitely do need to begin employing strategies based more on healing solutions that address the sources of separation, fear, pain, anger, and frustration that plague most every human being. World healing is very possible but only if we as individuals stop giving our power away to inferior representatives. Voting for the lesser of two evils has not proven to be beneficial. Therefore, we the people do need to take a stand and exercise our right to elect, empower, and encourage our leaders to employ worldwide solutions without exclusion, separation, or segregation, as these are the very things that lead to all acts of violence.

“To every man there openeth
A way, and ways, and a Way,
And the High Soul climbs the High Way,
And the Low Soul gropes the Low,
And in between, on the misty flats
The rest drift to and fro.
But to every man there openeth
A High Way and a Low,
And every man decideth
The way his soul shall go.”

The Ways – John Oxenham

May the deaths of the very great souls who died for us on September 11, 2001 serve our highest and greatest good. May we as a collective begin to recognize that each individual represents a country and that each country constitutes our world. May we all wake up to the fact that there can be no sides on a round planet… Aho! May this be so!

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