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with Karen Scheel

Red Fox Kits

Red Fox Kits Playing Tag

It has always been my belief that animals have more conscious awareness than most human animals realize. In my twenty plus years here at Frog Hollow, I have come to learn that unlike humans, animals do not produce more offspring than the land can support. We have always had a certain number of any given species – no more and no less. Although, land development Continue reading →

Newly Hatched Goslings

Molly and Sir Goose returned without 3rd Wheel this year. The roof was the initial place selected but I opted to persuade Molly to relocate to the ground next to the tree where the ferns would provide seclusion, and no eggs would be rolling off the roof (see Trio Return for more details.) Unlike previous years, I was able to capture an image of each gosling as it appeared. Continue reading →

Domesticating Free Ranging Cats

Free Ranging Cat ThunderThere are a number of things that need to be taken into consideration before anyone decides to play the Good Samaritan and rescue an adult free ranging stray cat that may be visiting their home. Unlike house cats, free ranging cats lead extremely active lives while covering their very large territories and domesticating them requires extra special care. If domestication is not treated or handled properly, Continue reading →

Authentic Appreciation

Experiencing and feeling authentic appreciation, thanks-giving or gratitude on a daily basis sounds so simple, but it has been an ongoing journey for me. I tried that “fake it until you make it attitude of gratitude” thing and contrary to many who support this path, trying to think nice, act nice, or say nice things just did not cut it in this area, especially when my mind usually was not Continue reading →

Autumn Equinox Harvest

The Autumn Equinox is the first day of the fall season. Day and night are equal before the sun’s light weakens and the darkness of the night becomes longer. Our growth for this annual cycle is in the process of completion. Now is the time to reap what we have sown – to harvest all those thought seeds planted in the spring that took root and grew during the summer months. Continue reading →